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(In understanding Transition - a personal road for the ministry.)
As a minister in the five fold ministry one is invariably sooner or later confronted with transition. It can come as a result of many things but I found that the big things are always the real reasons. Here it requires some honesty and some acknowledgement so that you can work together with God in what He wants. I am going to share with you some practical and spiritual "big rocks" around transition that I found to be real in my life. So in a certain way this is subjective but I must also say that there is great wisdom in God's dealings and certainly here and there I also will add my own thoughts and it is true the Word of God is clear in this matter. We are responsible!
So what initiates a jolt into a phase of transition? Think a moment why will there be any transition? Let me answer it by defining transition Transition is major change(s) that eventually influences ALL the areas of my life. Transition is not promotion although the ultimate aim of transition is change of heart and it could also afterwards or in the process involve promotion or demotion. Joseph's transition from the favourite son to slave? Again his transition from head of his master's house to a prisoner. Transition also from prisoner to prime minister! Transition in a very down to earth definition is a new phase or chapter in my life. The spirit attitudes of ending one chapter and starting a new one is very crucial and it will be good to have a good , clean and intimate relationship with God.
Transition is initiated by God stepping onto the scene of your life. Here is the fact - change is now evident and He demands change, certain things He will do and certain things you must do and put in place. This co-working will bring your outcome. A very bold prayer is what David prayed - that “God do not take your Spirit away from me” - just do something God, convict me of the error of my ways or of sin; but do not take your Spirit away from me. If God answers this prayer, what do think will happen? Old items buried and forgotten but not dealt with will resurface! The same old, old things will come back as if your are reliving the past. You ask God in no uncertain terms and now He is answering your prayer. Or you just you desire a new element in ministry and God answers it. Or you walked faithfully and now is the time for a new level...or unfaithfully and a new challenge to amend your ways. Let us look at this. God will involve transition in your life when you seek Him earnestly or when He wants to do something in your life. He is God!
In ministerial/ fivefold ministry transition the following the following is important - 1. The same old enemies (within) are all back on the scene and it might be even the same old issues that are involved! For example there is rejection deep rooted in your life; now somebody will again reject you! And this time the rejection might be unfounded for the simple reason that it is God orchestrated. You have to now deal with it. You cannot move on unless it is dealt with. The common things here are rejection, forgiveness, independence, hatred, hurt, sexual perversions etc. These things are not the result of flesh (very important) - flesh is conscious choice of doing something wrong because you want to or just simply give in to temptation. No this enemy of you soul is a very old thing that probably have been there in your life from childhood onwards! Now it must be recognized and dealt with. Give it notice. This is the circumcision of the heart. You see if you want more of God's spirit you must make room for His Spirit! This is the room He wants! Your heart!
2. The same old temptations (without) also abound again - so much around you that it will be easy for you to sin and what is scary is that you find in yourself that you actually want this temptation or better you want to play with it or go along with it! Certainly the desire is very strong to go along with it. Yes this is true! You want to go along with it. You see there are two types of truth - situational truth and the truth from the word. There is no denying you want this and enjoy this temptation – that is the truth of the situation. Are you going to give in to it? Don't just now pray about all other spiritual things - you have to also engage God and yourself around this temptation. You thought it is only because you are so this or that but the fact of the matter is if you would give in to this temptation and cross the line you would have failed the transition or if there is transition it might be downwards or all at least all joy is stripped from it and you would start off the new chapter of your life not on plateau but in a valley! Temptations without must also likewise be given notice!
3. Transition also starts when you have or want or start out a new element or section of ministry in your life and because this is exactly the will of God all other elements of transition manifests. The thing to note here is that transition happens because it is God's will and it is intensely spiritual. Suddenly these enemies manifests and obviously all types of discouragements and temptations abound. This new element is like a baby and all kind of manipulations and influences wants to direct the flow so that it can not have the effect that God actually wants. You see that your "inner spiritual life" and your "new spiritual flow in ministry" are linked and you have to take a stand with God. Here there must be co-working with the Holy Spirit or else the chapter will be low key chapter...What do you want?
4. Status of friends change or you should think about it at least. I think here it is important to just qualify friends and their status. You have God as your number one friend (or you should have). Then it should be yourself as number two ( your inner discussion with yourself and your thoughts). Then it is your wife/husband. Then it is the situational "now" friend. Don't be misled here. It is not old friends - it is your NOW friend. There will always be life friends but they might not be in your NOW close friend. Your now close friend is what God has placed there in your life - present and available. Old friends might speak into your life but they are not given by God to understand your "now" phase and they might even think you are weird or they have no understanding of how come you are who you are right now or where you are at. I want you to know that that is ok and it is also God's doing. Don't reject your life friends but you don't have to share these things with them because there might not be understanding for it! How could this be? It is God's doing! Social media friends are what you purpose for it - if it is advertising, then it is not friends, if it is just friends and family generally, then that is what it is. If it is around a hobby or career, then that is what it is. Do not make your life cheap on social media! My friendship cannot be defined by the internet or tick boxes or email shots! I want to be clear in transition your friend is the close ministerial friend that you see quite often in your NOW. That is your helper or your mentor or intercessor. Do not be confused about this.
5. Transition often accompanies relocations physical or spiritual. For example the church is relocated or you yourself just move from one house to another. We are very uniquely wired. We are also where we stay - our base where we move from changes and we change and suddenly many things are re-evaluated and things or issues resurface etc. Transition is therefore many times linked to actual relocation of some kind. For that matter it is also relocation of ministerial esponsibilities....Just think of it as an "office" that has changed....Make ready transition is going to break over you or over the ministry.
6. Prayer is very needed in times of transition. You must understand that intensified prayer is most of the time the forerunner of transition. A season of it or when there is a drastic change in your prayer life, then it is most often the first sign that transition is coming. For me personally I just started to wake up early and then it started happening I had to study the Bible and pray and intercede more intensely than before and a whole new method(for now) of intercession was first birthed in my life before any transition took place. Now here is a problem. When transition is in full swing, will you maintain this prayer that God initiated in you life? That intimacy? Or will you entertain all the temptations or the "old" enemies of your life? Or will you try again to engage the "old" or will you move in the new and fresh thing that God is doing now? What will you do? Here is character - maintain it! Maintain the intimacy! Shake the dust - shake yourself! Go with God! Pray and seek Him. Be open to Him and honest - yes so that you could go right through! Pray in how He leads you in a new and living way, I found also in this way to pray very deliberately in tongues a great benefit especially when it is "prolonged" and not used as a "crutch" (i.e. I need a pep-up or a boost and therfore afterwards pray in tongues – no! Pray beforehand! Pray in tongues deliberately and faithfully!)
7. Finances. Yes, finances are affected in transition. It is the two extremes. It either runs dry or it overflows! This is what happens in my life in times of transition. Maybe more like overflow than a shortage and I think there are good reasons for it. Most people can deal with or hide loss, or rejection or poverty. We are forced to cry to God or seek help. ..but riches and success or change in status is difficult to hide. It effects your tithes, your giving as well as your voluntary and sacrificial giving. And transition demands a different approach to life! Will you for example spend money on yourself? That expensive watch that you wanted? Are you willing to make prophetic statements by also looking after yourself and spoiling your wife/husband? Will you continue to give in the areas you where you were giving before or will you change it? The fact of the matter is your finances change. You have to be very prayerfully and very protective about it! If God transitioned you because of faithfulness in finances, do not now become unfaithful or suddenly decides to bless a stranger(s) more than what propelled your blessings! Pray! Be financially wise!
8. When your wife/husband changes - Yes ! Show me great transition and I will show you a husband or wife that has grown in the Lord through spiritual growth over a certain time( perhaps here qualify a minimum of a year? ). This caused dramatic improvements or changes for good/bad in their lives. This is how it is. We are connected! I think the first one is more desirable - the real commitment for spiritual "faithful" growth for at least a period of a year. If that has happened in your spouse you will go through transition! And brother/sister now you have to also change with the season! This is God's will! Play your part - be absolutely supportive and you will also then have reason to have support for your own transition in your own ministry!
9. A good thing is also to remember not to do or act in anything before you have not consulted with God and His word about these steps you are about to do. You see you are thrown into transition like a birth! And you have to take care of this baby....it is a baby! Babies need very careful attention. This attention is the little extra steps that must be made very “prayerfully”. This is apart from your prayer and intercession which now should be more mature...this is where you must "curb the independent spirit" and submit it first to the Lord and His word. Your decisions must be first given to God in prayer! You see that every transition demands a new approach in morality, methods and maturity – that is it must be dealt with in a new mature way that is righteous. Don't just assume! Make it a conscious effort to bring it to God and"wait" upon the Lord. Waiting means to wait and it does not mean just to do or act! Wait means to wait until God shows you or you have submitted it at least to the lord and now you have to act in faith.. It is an attitude of dependence but also at times to just actually sit or kneel and to wait. "Wait!" Submit the changes to God before you act!
10. The roots of transition. Please it is not always the type of tree that determines it's fruits. It is also where it is planted and what type of food it gets that determines the fruit it carries. I am not questioning here what type of tree you are (i.e. by their fruits you shall know them). I am questioning the roots and where it is planted. Is it planted in the soil of obtaining more money for example? Or is it planted in the soil of being more influential? Is it planted in the soil of just your own ministry?(versus Kingdom minded). Is it planted in my alpha male status? Is it planted in seeking recognition? Is it planted in leaving a legacy? So many motives and many of them partially valid and good Yes there also many other motives – remember where the roots are planted, it will bear the fruits of that feeding and might even then produce after that kind! . So this is why I like Ephesians . It gives great understanding in this whole issue. For example in chapter 3 verses 6 to 19 and especially the phrase "....being rooted and grounded in love...." - When the roots and the ground is is firstly the love of God and secondly when the love of people is in my heart then transition will manifest and with it good fruit. Motive – “I do this because I love God and love people!” The love of people – yes maybe a better way of putting it is the love of a person who I engage with because loving people can be sometimes ambiguous. You must show your love. And the person right in my face now might be a different matter...Obviously there are tough love also! Yes when I personally experience some form of transition in my prophetic ministry many times people are also getting saved through my ministry or there are some dramatic ministry that happens. The reason being that you can be so full of the Spirit at times that things just happens...Don't be carried away though., Be rooted - be grounded is to be established. So remain also in the basic things we have already discussed. 11. There is one fact that also affects transition in a big way and it should have this affect! That is the Prophetic Ministry. The prophetic word of God through a prophet of God is authoritative, it is very valid and a person in the five fold ministry is definitely more accountable when receiving a prophetic word. It was so for the kings and priests and the people of Israel and Judah and it is still the same. By not considering the prophetic word one can easily bypass the positive and perfect will of God and go on in His permissible will and even right outside of his will. Then the positive promise and the word of God for a season may not come to pass. The transition then is very negative where God's intention was definitely positive. The prophetic word is powerful and the office of a prophet must be recognized and respected! Not for the prophets sake but for the word's sake and for God's will and for His Kingdom!
I hope this article will make you hungry for transition and will also inspire or jolt you into transition. Remember - He loves us so much that He does not want to leave us the way we are! Individually and corporately! And you my brother/sister fellow minister of God!
I love Jesus – you love Jesus – we love our master!

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