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Invitations/School of the Prophets

Prophetic School Invitations services or ordinary services are available to churches and organizations. Please contact us by email and clearly communicate you expectation and request. I have good reason to believe that we can meet you expectation. With regards to the cost each request is handled on its own merits but we have the following as a guideline :-
1. The travelling fees must be paid for.
2. A love offering or a fee as the organisers has agreed with us by email. This however must be communicated beforehand.
3. I can assure you that I am not in it for the money and we therefore have boldness to invite you to write to us.
For any further information contact us - We Invite apostles.co.za

Donations to apostles.co.za

Our ministry is a prophetic and evangelistic ministry and I am currently based in Pretoria, South Africa.
Any donations in our ministry are welcome and we believe that the giver will be abundantly blessed! Please contact us - I would like to Donate


We do intercessions from time to time. I believe it is God that gives the burden and assignment for intercession. Although we cannot promise to intercede continuously for every request but we do believe in the power of prayer and certainly where God also confirms in us the need for intercession for a longer time, I want to comply with the same.
With intercession we require the following :
1. Clearly state the situation for the intercession.
2. Clearly state by when - the latest date after which we do not have to pray enymore.
3. No prayers will be made to accommodate sinful lusts (example one man wrote to me requesting prayer for winning the Lotto!). This means that request must be in line with God's word and there should be an earnest desire for this to happen. Do not ask us to pray for something that you don't have a passion for and want to see want happening soon! Then at least we can pray in agreement but don't want to take your responsibility away! So request intercession in line with your own heart's desire before the Lord!
4. No giving or donation is requested for intercession. However if you want to give or benefit at most, it is clearly stated that if you would bless a prophet, that God will bless you! But let it be clear - no such request is made - only freewill offering in this regard will be accepted with no strings attached!
5. Feedback and testimony will be welcomed.

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The Book of Daniel

I have written a commentary/prophetic School based on the book of Daniel chapter by chapter.
Some chapters on the previous version of this website were very popular and were requested a lot. If you would like some chapters/specific chapter please write to us.
We hope to bring out a booklet of this and make it available in 2018.

Contact us - Book of Daniel Chapter Request
Please mention which chapters you would like to receive.